We live in a time of increased consciousness, people are becoming more interested in new ways to look within themselves, their lives, their relationship with the world and their interactions with others. As we learn more about how we connect to the natural world we can also learn more about how our bodies connect with nature.

Through treatment with experienced practitioners we can help you to understand patterns in your body and how life’s experiences connect with body-memory through these patterns.

At Soul & Surf we have noticed the powerful impact the ocean can have on people. We have seen this impact in action, deeply affecting the hundreds of people that have come to learn to surf with us. This time in the ocean combined with daily yoga, in locations far away from industrial centers and the pressures of Western life has induced many-a-moment of reflection for our guests.

As Soul & Surf evolves we’ve experienced the concept of ‘holiday’ is changing too for many people, moving away from the ‘two-weeks-poolside-lounger’ towards more inspirational breaks. And our aim is to provide our guests an experience that has a lasting impression. We want you to see, to discover and be inspired as well as relax.

We are not fixers, but facilitators

Everything that has happened to us in life is ‘printed’ within our bodies; trauma, accidents, times of grief. The bad and also the good are all there, registered in our cells.?When we work in a conscious way with our body, mixing deep tissue work with assisted movement and breathing, we can awaken this stored memory and make ourselves available for the body to speak up, allowing us to process the information. We’re not snake-oil peddlars promising a quick ‘fix’ within you but we can provide you the tools to allow self-healing. Essentially we’re here to inspire you to correct bad habits from your daily routine, to develop a deeper connection with your body and to increase self-awareness. But we’re also open to the notion of just relaxing if that’s what you need.

After years of experimenting with the possibilities that come from working with movement to stimulate the nervous system we have learned there’s an ‘art’ that an experienced therapist needs to bring to the work. We’ve experienced clients who are dealing with various issues and emotional blocks and witnessed the profound effect our approach can have on allowing the body and mind to process these experiences. We like to see massage as an artistic performance comnbining elements such as music, dance and physical expression in order to create an organic experience, rather than just follow a set sequence.

Unlike traditional spa treatments we do not just focus on luxurious indulgence or pampering, instead we want you to become comfortable with yourself.

How does it work?

Franco has put together a team of experienced senior holistic therapists from around the world who all work towards the same goal; to bring awareness to their patients through an immersive experience. Our system works in such a way that we can tailor treatments to the specific needs of the client.

Through a pre-therapy consultation we gather specific information on the background, habits and lifestyle of the patient and brief them about the self-healing process and awareness building. The base of our work comes from an holistic approach to therapies such as Esalen Massage, Craneo sacral, re-balancing, trauma release therapy, as well as the more common deep tissue massages. We offer three kinds of experiences;

Holistic experience 1hr 15 mins

The standard experience is an introduction to your body and breath. It helps you understand the relation between your body and your psyche. Depending on the needs of the patient it can be physically oriented or focused on enhancing your body’s consciousness.

Deeper experience 1 hr 30 mins

This work is designed to go one step further. Depending on your requirement this therapy will use focused deep tissue work and aim to release chronic physical patterns. This can also be tailored to people who are not looking for deep physical work but a more immersive experience that is directed towards resetting the nervous system.

Treatment prices

Pre-Paid Extras*
£60 Holistic experience, 1hr 15m
£70  Deeper experience, 1hr 30m
£70 Verity’s Life Coaching

Pre-booking & cancellation policy

Our treatments are often quite high in demand and our therapists’ schedules only have a limited number of spots per week, we don’t cram loads of therapies in each day to make a quick buck. So please book them in advance to avoid disappointment. You can add them after you’ve booked your stay with us by emailing us at  to see what availability we have.

Our cancellation policy is as follows;

  • Cancelled more than 1 week before arrival- no charge
  • Cancelled less than 1 week before arrival – 50%
  • Cancelled on arrival or after – full charge

Please Note: All of the treatments presented here are extra to the package price and will be billed to your room.

Guest Reviews

I really enjoyed my stay and had a great time. The Team was great- the team who took care of the house and the food was always lovely and helpful. Sometimes it was a bit hard to communicate in english, but we´ve solved everything. And Adam and Rachel were great hosts- they are really lovely people.

Anne Jacobsen