Happy Guests – Kayla
27th October 2016


We get some incredible, beautiful and inspiring people staying with us at Soul & Surf. Some of them even go home and write about it. Kayla came over from the UK and had never surfed before, by the end of her stay she was cruising! Check her story HERE.

Soul People – Rakhul
24th October 2016

What makes Soul&Surf tick? The amazing bunch of people that work with us of course. Soul People will introduce you to some of the incredible people we work in both Sri Lanka and India.


Photo: Steve Coombes

Name: My name is Rakhul, find me on Facebook
Age: 25
Where’s Home? I’m from the Western Ghats
What’s your role at Soul&Surf: 
I’m working as a surf instructor in Varkala

How did you start surfing?
I came to visit a friend at S&S and I started to work in the café. I’d seen surfing before but when I got here I had free time so I went for a surf lesson, it was the first time in my life on a surfboard, I was so excited but a bit scared.

I’m from the mountains so I’d never had experience in the ocean or with waves. My first lesson was terrible, I couldn’t even lie on my surfboard but I loved it so I started surfing with the other guys at S&S. On my 6th lesson I stood up and was so excited I fell off. I was fist pumping and telling everyone I got a green wave and was so happy that I didn’t eat all day.

From then I went out whenever I had free time, to catch waves and wipe outs, and when a guest gifted me a surfboard I felt braver to go out on my own. I went for every wave so I learnt how to read the ocean and helped out the surf team whenever I could, going with them and watching what they were doing. I joined in helping people and they liked me so the next season I applied to work as an assistant surf coach. I did half and half café and surf. Then after a while I moved to the surf team full time and went for my qualification. I’m now the 9th person in India to have qualified as a surf instructor. 


Photo: Steve Coombes

What does Soul mean to you?
Soul is your attitude, your personality, soul means to become a nice good person which is what I try to do.

What inspires you about your work?
I have a lot of fun and I get to meet so many cool people, I have friends all over the world. I get to have fun with the waves, it makes you feel happier being in the sea and being a part of what’s going on.


Photo: Pete Chamberlain

What’s your goal for the future?
I want to make a rap album and I’d love to keep teaching surfing. It’s a new thing in India so I’d like to be one of the leaders in that for my country. I want to travel and surf in different places, I went to Bali and Sri Lanka for the first time this year and I loved it.


Photo: Pete Chamberlain

Soul People – Varghees
16th October 2016

What makes Soul&Surf tick? The amazing bunch of people that work with us of course. Soul People will introduce you to some of the incredible people we work in both Sri Lanka and India.


Photo: Steve Coombes

Name: My name is Varghees
Age: 26
Where’s Home? Kovalam, Kerala
What’s your role at Soul&Surf: I’m a surf instructor


Photo: Steve Coombes

How did you start surfing?
I dropped out of school when I was 14 and a year later met a Belgian guy called Paul who runs a charitable school for dropouts. I started there and every weekend there were outdoor games which the volunteers there helped with. We used to play football and go the beach and one day one of the volunteers Jelle who knew how to surf offered to teach me. I’d never heard of surfing before because it’s not a thing in India. I trained really hard and loved it, it’s so much fun and really frees your mind. I got a job at the Kovalam Surf Club and became an ISA Surf Instructor. Ed & Sofie visited my school one day, spoke to Jelle about my story and offered me a job at Soul & Surf.

What does Soul mean to you?
Soul means respect and a peaceful way of living



Photo: Pete Chamberlain

What inspires you about your work?
I love surfing because its so much fun. If you’re feeling anything; sadness or frustration or anything like that you just take your board, go surf and it refreshes your mind. It’s different every time you go out, every wave is different to the last and the feelings you have change all the time.

What’s your goal?
I haven’t thought about my future too much, I just want to keep surfing and teaching people how to surf.  One day I would love to set up my own surf school and teach other kids like me how to surf.

My life has completely changed because of Paul, Jelle and Ed, I would have been a fisherman still if it wasn’t for them. I’ve met lots of people by being at the beach and have got to travel to Portugal, Sri Lanka and the Andaman Islands. My favourite place to surf is probably the Andaman Islands and a secret spot near to my home town.


Photo: Steve Coombes

Stuff We Like – All for a few good waves
2nd October 2016

David Carson – All For a Few Good Waves from Dress Code on Vimeo.

David Carson is arguable one of the most famous graphic designers in the world. After serving as art director for iconic magazines, Transworld, RayGun and BeachCulture, he set up his own studio and now live and surfs in the BVIs, and despite being over 60, he still rips.


Stuff We Like – The Tempest
1st October 2016

Stephanie Gilmore – The Tempest. from Monster Children on Vimeo.

Stephanie Gilmore oozes style and class in this beautiful short from Monster Children. 

Kelly Slater put it best:

“Stephanie is an original badass. She surfs like people should surf and plays music from her soul. She’s interested in a variety of topics outside of riding waves. She’s got an eclectic and diverse group of friends and followers all around the world. She’d be just as comfortable in her skin if nobody knew who she was. My mom wrote me yesterday and said she is a Stephanie groupie and she just loves her whole deal. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has anything but praise for her. She’s not complicated like most women seem to be and knows how she wants to live and what she wants. What else can I say?” Kelly Slater.

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