Clancy Martin

We are guests of yours (from May 9-May 25) at Soul and Surf. We are having a very nice time, thank you, but we wanted to say in particular how grateful we are that you have Sunil working here. He has done a superb job with helping us with the most odd requests (including finding us a palmist, an astrologer, a gemologist, a jeweler), and he is always enthusiastic, kind, gracious, tireless, patient, gentle, professional, friendly and thoughtful. We are writers for the New York Times and Vice, among other papers and magazines, and we travel a lot, and stay in a lot of hotels of all different kinds, and we have rarely if ever come across someone as good at his job as Sunil. He is always here, always working, always solving problems. Even on his day off he was here and took an hour of his time to help us. We can’t express strongly enough how he seems, at times, to carry the whole hotel on his shoulders. (That said, all of your staff have been terrific).
Thanks very much, we hope to stay here again or at one of your “pop-ups” soon,
Clancy Martin (NYT, Contributing Editor at Harper’s) and Amie Barrodale (NYT, Editor at Vice)

Guest Reviews

First of all, many, many thanks to both you and Franco: I had a wonderful time and you two were wonderful hosts! I do think a very important element in this Pop-Up’s success was independent of anything you and Franco can control: the great people that signed up to come along…I loved Aceh (the ocean […]

Tyler Freisen