We’ve chosen this corner of the Iberian Peninsula in Portugal for our first full week-long European Pop-Up because of the concentration of waves and conditions for all abilities, all within easy reach of our base in Figueira.

No matter if you are a seasoned, salty sea dog or a first-time beginner gliding into your first waves, the SW Algarve has it all. Both the west and south coasts are littered with beach breaks, point breaks and the occasional reef, all positioned to make the most of the wide swell window of Cape St-Vincent.


Guided Surfs

Your stay will include up to two guided surf sessions a day over 5 days of your stay, giving you a rest day mid-week. These surf sessions will be aimed at those who are confident catching unbroken waves and are starting to trim both left and right. A Soul & Surfer will take you to the break, give you any local beach knowledge necessary and be on hand for tips and advice throughout the session. We will make a decision before each session and take a drive to a spot that meets everybody’s needs whilst escaping crowds as best we can.


Beginner Lessons

Whenever we pop-up we like to work with a local operator wherever possible. In Portugal we will be teaming up with The Good Feeling to provide absolute beginner surf lessons or lessons for those  who’ve had a few lessons before and are looking to progress onto green waves and starting to practise maneuvers. Adam or Rachel will arrange and join these trips to provide a friendly face as well as to assist on the lessons to ensure you get what you need from them.

Please note that Beginner Lessons will be extra to the cost of the stay and should be paid directly to The Good Feeling. Let us know when you book, before you arrive or even upon arrival if you would like lessons and we will arrange the rest.

The Good Feeling will charge 35 Euros for a 1.5 hour session or 55 Euros per person for 2 x 1.5 hour sessions (and we’ll be there to help out too!)


Surf Conditions

Let’s face it, this is the Atlantic so we will still be at the mercy of Mother Nature. But it is not the middle of winter, the crazy storms will be over, it’s not mid summer so it shouldn’t be flat. We have chosen May to find the right balance between waves and weather.

With the right wind and the right conditions you could expect to find nicely groomed 2-3 ft waves hitting the shores. Portugal receives consistent swell year round and Figueira is perfectly positioned to make the most of both the West and the South coasts and to maximise our chances of finding some sheltered waves. We may even be lucky enough to get some waves to ourselves.