Food. We love it here at Soul & Surf, none more so than Rachel & Adam! The original Portugal Pop-Up was conceived on the idea of what they were missing whilst living in Sri Lanka.

We think it’s safe to say that they have been instrumental in bringing you this Pop-Up just to get their fill of local cheeses, meat and wine (the only reason Adam surfs is so that he can eat what he likes.)
If you haven’t guessed, food is a huge part of the ‘Soul’ that we aim to deliver through all of our retreats, and we will create a menu to reflect our sunshine food ethos, combined with the amazing local Portuguese produce.


Eating & Drinking

In true Soul & Surf tradition you will be greeted each morning with a pre-surf tea or coffee with bananas to help kick-start your day. After your surf we will meet for a well deserved, hearty but healthy breakfast.

Still hungry? Not to worry, each day we will serve a light and healthy lunch to help keep you energised throughout your afternoon yoga and surfing activities. Plus we’ll pepper the week with the odd healthy nutritious juice to keep the body moving.

This Pop-Up includes four evening meals each week, ending the week with a lovely big barbecue. This area of Portugal has so much to offer in a culinary sense that it would be almost criminal not to sample a beach front seafood supper or a village square cafe whilst you are here. You are welcome to explore on your own but we will plan a couple of evening meals out together too.



We’ll make sure you have a little something to keep your pecker up when you arrive but we do not provide alcohol throughout  this trip. We’ll be happy to arrange a trip to the local supermarket so you can bring in your own stocks.