Bem vinda

We are located just outside of the fishing village of Burgau a one hour drive west from Faro Airport towards Sagres.


Getting Here


The closest aiport is Faro, and you can easily fly direct here from many European hubs.  You can fly return from London for around £100 in May, or from many other European airports for around €140.

For EU flights check out the following budget airlines: / /

We tend to browse to get the full picture for long-haul flights as they seem to offer the best range of deals from different airlines.

From the Airport

We do not include airport transfers in the cost but can help you organise this and hope to hook you up with other guests travelling on the same flights as you to spread the cost.  The price for a 4 passenger taxi from the airport is about €90. If you want to make your own way from the airport, we can suggest Vibel Taxis as they have set prices per car.

There is no direct train to Burgau, but you can get a train from the airport to Lagos (€8 regional train) then get a bus to Burgau via Salema (€4) This bus should take around 45 minutes.


Applying for a Portuguese visa is not required for nationalities from the EU countries (who may stay for an unlimited period, but must register with the local authorities after three months). Residents from Australia, Canada, or USA can stay up to 90 days. Other nationals are advised to check visa requirements.


Other Activities

This is Europe and we are dealing with Mother Nature – sometimes she delivers and sometimes she doesn’t want to play. We want to surf every day, that’s why we do this, but if this is just not possible we can recommend and organise some other activities. We’ve teamed up with some local business to help deliver different activities if it does go flat or you just fancy trying something different.

Stand-Up Paddle tours – A 3 hour exploration of the local coastline from €50 per person

Hiking / Walking tours – Go for a stomp on some wild beaches or trek the national parks and check out some ancient ruins. 3-6 hours from €30 per person

Horse-riding / Hacking – There are some stables located just 5 minutes away from Casa Meranka, they are highly experienced and extremely good value. Price depending on your needs.



Despite it’s position in the Atlantic, the Algarve has more of a Mediterranean feel, keeping it warm during the day and slightly cooler as the sun goes down, with a very low chance of rain. On average the Algarve receives 6mm of rain per month. We still recommend you bring a rain coat, although it is unlikely, it may rain, and bring a warm jumper or two for the cooler evenings.

Don’t be fooled though, the water in this part of the Atlantic will still have a chill to it,  so 3’2 wetsuits are a must!