Did someone say tired legs?

This is one of the world’s longest left hand, sand bottom point breaks with the possibility of rides of over 1km. What more do you need to know?!

This Pop-Up is not aimed beginners or early stage learners; and we will not be offering ‘beginner lessons’, our retreats in India and Sri Lanka are a much more suitable location to learn.

But don’t be too daunted, this isn’t the full-on kamikaze-style reef breaks of Indonesia. The wave at Chicama is well-shaped, fast and moderately hollow, breaks over soft sand, and forgiving for those surfers that can complete basic manoeuvres.

If you feel like you would like to join us on this Pop-Up but would benefit from intermediate lessons, please drop us an email before booking and we’ll see if we can point you in the direction of the local surf schools and instructors.

Chicama is a long ol’ point break with different sections to suit different abilities in a variety of conditions. We’ll guide you to what’s right for you, we’ll hold your hands (metaphorically speaking, physically too though if you want,) and we won’t push anybody out of their comfort zone.  But we do recommend that you’ve surfed a fair bit before and understand currents, wind conditions and surf etiquette.

Just know that you don’t have to be a gnarly, shredding surfer dude to come on this trip. We’re not, that’s for sure? Er, cowabunga.

Of course, on its day Chicama can provide leg-burning waves, but even on an average session the wave will offer up fun, playful sections that are suitable for different levels of surfer.

Video Analysis

A couple of times throughout your week Franco will be on hand to talk you videos of your surf sessions, helping you to improve your surfing skill set and to maximise your time on the waves.

Tow Back

Did we mention there is a tow back service included? No? Well we all want the longest ride of our life but not the longest paddle back. That’s why we are offering a tow back service in a zodiac for two surf sessions a day. Tired legs, not tired arms!

Just raise your hand and the boat will pick you up.

Day Trpper

‘What if the waves are too small?’, I hear you shout!

Or maybe you’re just so god darn tired of surfing one of the world’s longest left-hand point breaks that you fancy a little change. Included in the cost of this package is a day trip to check out more of the waves that this area of Peru has to offer.

*Note that there is one day trip per week and if we all decide to stay out for the whole day, lunch will not be included.

Water temp.

March is still summer time in South America, and although the temperature of the Pacific hovers around 19 degrees we recommend that you bring a 3/2 mm wetsuit.


We will have access to a selection of short boards, mini mals and longboards to rent in case you don’t want to take your own board, but please drop us an email in advance to discuss your surfboard needs and to reserve a board as they are limited.