25th April - 2nd May 2020 || 2nd - 9th May 2020

We are incredibly excited to be heading back to one of surfing’s most iconic destinations; Chicama, Peru.

This time we have chosen to run two retreats instead of one, giving you the option to stay for one week or two!

Having successfully hosted Pop-Ups in Banda Aceh, Sumatra, and here in Peru; your hosts Jazmin & Franco will take you back to their favourite destination in South America to provide that familiar Soul & Surf experience.

The landscape in Chicama is otherworldly – soft, sand coloured cliffs and desert, contrasting with long, reeling waves provided by the Pacific Ocean

They have found a beautiful boutique hotel in the area to provide you with the best location and most comfortable experience on this immersive surf and yoga retreat. Join us for an all-inclusive trip to the home of one of the longest left hand waves in the world.

A Typical Day

We base our days around the tides, each day we’ll have a window of opportunity to go for one big surf or maybe two smaller surfs. Here is an idea of what we’ll get up to.

6am Meet for tea, coffee and fruit.
6.15am Yoga with Rach

Breakfast, load up with energy for the morning surf

9am Pre-Surf mindfulness with Mati, followed by the first surf of the day

A well-deserved lunch.

2.30pm Chill by the pool, walk in the desert, have a massage…
4pm Back in the water for an afternoon surf
6.30pm Sunset drinks and pre-dinner snacks
7.45pm Dinner


…what better way to spend your days than immersed in the Pacific Ocean? 

But of course it isn’t all about the surf – let us tell you why year after year, Chicama is becoming our place to unwind, let go and heal.


Why Peru? (by Min)

The experience that Peru offers is a fully holistic one. Allow your senses to let it all in and then let it transform you.

Peru is still a developing country in South America, you can sense its rawness and see it through half-finished building projects. But the underlying energy of this land is connected to some of the most powerful in the world.

Peru has a pretty magical background, with a rich history. Its ancient cultures are comparable with those of the Egyptians and the Mayans, and the special and deep connection they had with their environments.  We want to share this with you – we are lucky that the Peruvians still keep their strong cultures and rituals alive.

In this era of over-reliance on technology, we are looking to root and connect in a different way, simply holding the space for you to unwind.

All of it is held by the charm of the Peruvian people, with their gentle natures and warm welcomes. We are lucky to be taken care of by truthful hearts that just want us to understand and feel their culture.

Your adventure to Peru

The other great part of being in such a unique place is that there’s a lot to do!

Apart from surfing the never-ending-perfect-shaped point break, you could also plan other adventures around your visit to us.

You can explore the Nazca lines, an unexplainable creation of the ancient cultures (how these guys draw giant hieroglyphics in the ground that can only be seen from a plane is incredible.)

Cajamarca is a beautiful Andine colonial town, where you can find different archeological colonial sites, and also, the fort where Atahualpa (the last Inca’s governor) was hidden.

Huacachina – the oasis in the middle of the desert where you can camp in the dunes.

The fantastic scenery of the Titi Kaka Lake, the Punos community that live in floating islands made out of straws, the majestic Machu Picchu…there is so much to explore in this wild land.