Yoga - bend, breathe, stretch

We’re very keen at Soul & Surf for our trips to not be dominated by surfing, in fact our yoga sessions are what provides a lot of the Soul that we aim to deliver. Weather you’re a surfer or not our yoga sessions will be a superb addition to your trip.

We include nine yoga sessions in the trip price to give you the chance to really feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice; if you’re already a seasoned yogi you’ll have the chance to go deeper and really focus on your practice during your stay.

We will deliver a form of Vinyasa Flow that will physically work on the areas we have been using most in the surf that day! If the group is exhausted from some serious physical exertion we will work on Restorative or Yin Yoga. If we’re all full of beans the yoga will be more physical and energetic.

As part of the package we will also include two pranayama practices, which is great for breath control and lung capacity and pretty useful in the water, plus two guided meditation sessions to help connect you with the moment.

Please note – the resort is not set up with yoga mats so you will need to bring your own (they make great padding when packing your surfboards) or a suitable towel.