Location & Travel

There is a lot of preparation and travelling involved in getting to the Mentawais

Getting Here

Getting to Padang

Your trip starts with us at Padang Airport, Sumatra and there are a few different routes to reach Padang, depending on where you’re coming from.
You can either travel via Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Jakarta where you must transfer to Padang.

There are many hotel options in Padang starting from $50-$200USD; we have been recommended the Bumi Minang Hotel, so please let us know if you would like some help booking your accommodation.

Getting to the Island

There are a few options for you to get you to Siberut, the cheaper options take longer than the higher priced private speedboats! We decided not to include this within the trip so you can choose the best way for you.

You must arrive in Padang Airport, Sumatra, by Friday September 1st at the latest.

We recommend using a transfer service as they will look after you from your arivial at Padang and make sure you find the right boat to Siberut.

Transfer service – $100

You will be greeted at the airport, taken to your hotel* in Padang. Once settled into the hotel, you’ll be greeted once again and taken to a restaurant for dinner.

The following morning you’ll be picked up and taken to meet the ferry at the port.
Meet and greet at airport for your guests, take to hotel

Check guests in, then collect them later and take group to local restaurant for dinner.

You will once again be greeted by us in the morning and taken to the docks to find the right boat for you.

Option 1

Option 1 –Speed boat, this takes 4hours and prices start at $200 per person (one way). You will need a get the return ferry $75
Total from $275 (excluding transfer package)

Option 2 – Ferry, the ferry is in-direct, will take around 6 hours and departs at 7am on Saturday September 2nd. Prices start from $150 return (excluding transfer package).

Option 3 – Over night ferry, the boat will depart at 7pm on Friday September 1st and takes around 12 hours. Prices TBC.
We can help guide you through the best option for you once you have made your booking

Before your trip

There’s a thousands things to think about to get ready for your trip of a lifetime so have a read below, we’ve probably covered everything you need to know!

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory for your personal safety. It is mandatory for all our guest to have proof of insurance for the full time they stay with us which includes overseas medical and dental, emergency assistance and medical evacuation.

Insurance providers

  • Allianz Global Assist travel (Australia)
  • Cover More (Australia, UK, New Zealand)
  • Indo Surf Travel Insurance (Australians)
  • 1Cover (Australia, New Zealand)
  • World Nomads (International)

When contacting travel insurance providers, please make sure they have a detailed plan of action in place in case of a Medivac situation in the Mentawai Islands.


Citizens of the US, Australia, and Europe require a passport with a minimum six months of validity left from the day you arrive back in your home destination. If you do not have six months validity Indonesian Immigration will deny your entry. Indonesian Immigration will issue you with an immigration form that you are required to present to them on your departure at the airport. Please take good care of this form.

Most travellers coming from the US, Australia, and Europe are issued tourist visas upon arrival, but if you carry a passport from other countries it is worthwhile checking to see if you need a visa.

The standard tourist visa is applicable for up to 30 days and is USD$35 payable in Padang by cash only.

If you are intending to stay longer, you will need a 60-day visa from your country of origin. You can also enter Indonesia with a 30-day tourist visa and extend for another 30 days at the immigration office.

When you leave the country you will have to pay an airport tax of 150.000 Rupiah (around 15 USD).

Useful information

Cash monies.

We kindly ask all guest to finalise their bill the day before departure. We do have credit card facilities available however not on site, you will be required to fill out a credit card authorisation form. You can also settle your balance by cash.