Food & Drink

Food is more than just fuel for us here at Soul & Surf, food is a huge part of the ‘Soul’ that we aim to deliver through all of our retreats, and the local chefs have created a menu to this amazing part of Indonesia using amazing local produce.

Eating & Drinking

In true Soul & Surf tradition you will be greeted each morning with a pre-surf tea or coffee with bananas to help kick-start your day. After your surf we will meet for a well-deserved, hearty but healthy breakfast.

Each day we will serve a light and healthy lunch to help keep you energised throughout your afternoon yoga and surfing activities.

Dinner will be a mix of familiar western delights and local favourites.

Coffee, tea and fresh coconuts will be available to you all day and you will be able to order extra drinks such as sodas, juices and beer, which are available via the resort drinks packages*

*Charges apply


‘Booze, booze the magical drink, the more you have the more you snooze…?’ or something like that!

Alcohol is not included in the cost of your stay but you will be able to order in some spirits or the local favourite Bintang.