Soul & Surf Pop-Up Mentawai Islands 2nd - 12th September 2017


A big part of surfing and yoga is personal progression, from the first moment you step into warrior one or the first time the fins and rail of your surfboard connect to the wave, and you fly all the way along an open face. We are always trying to better the previous wave or improve our yoga practice.

Surfing encourages us to travel the world, looking for a certain type of wave, one that is perfect for that next stage of our progression. It may be the empty point breaks of Kerala or the groomed beach breaks in Portugal, but surfing takes us to new and exciting places.

The same applies to us here at Soul & Surf; we’ve been on a wonderful journey with all of our guests, progressing along the way; on the mat, in the water and at our retreats and Pop-Ups around the world. So for the next wave, the next stage in our surfing progression, we are extremely excited to share with you a 10 day (almost) all-inclusive Soul & Surf Pop-Up retreat in the Mentawai Islands.

This is a once in a lifetime trip to one of the most remote parts of the planet with some incredibly consistent surf. It’s not easy to get to, but when you’re there the rewards will be plentiful.

The Mentawai Islands, we think it is fair to say, are one of the world’s best surfing destinations, and has built up a reputation for one of the *ahem* gnarliest places to surf.

Yes this is true for many of the surf spots in the Atols but we have chosen to stay on an island with a really accessible wave that is suitable to those surfers that are trimming along the wave.

The Mentawai are around 60 miles from the mainland of Sumatra in Indonesia, and are perfectly placed to meet the swells travelling across the Indian Ocean.

These remote and wild islands are still fairly untouched by mankind, and the reefs provide the perfect platforms for these swells to unload and peel their way along.  This offers up a variety of waves, all very good but not all challenging.

We will be staying on terra firma for this trip, the lodge is located on a beach on Pulau Masokut Island, a 40 minute boat drive south from the bigger island, Siberut.

This is not going to be the usual surf bro, bintang, shredfest of a surfari to the Mentawais.

Our closet wave, Beng-Bengs, can often offer up an easier introduction to the Mentawais, and within easy walking distance could be a great wave to call home. We will also have access to a surf guide and boat each day to search out the best waves we can for the group.

Our surf coach will be on hand to guide you through some of the more playful surf spots helping you to improve your surfing during the 10 day trip and challenging ourselves along the way. So fear not, no need to be thinking about packing your 8ft gun to tackle the biggest waves on the planet!

Check out the surf pages for more information.

Do not worry, It is not all SURF SURF SURF…

Yes it is a big part of this trip but we also like to explore, relax and enjoy island life. We will be taking the Soul & Surf experience with us and provide you with hosts to deliver daily yoga sessions, the surf trips and take care of your everyday needs.

Keep reading through these pages to discover more about this trip, to see what is included, how to get there and what to expect. Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions about this Pop-Up.

A Typical Day

6.30am Meet for pre-surf tea, coffee and bananas – morning surf at local spot Beng Bengs
10am Breakfast…. and, relax
1pm Lunch
2.30pm Pranayama or meditation
3pm Yoga
4.15pm Afternoon tea, coffee and snacks
4.30pm Afternoon surf (if you have the energy, or just chill at the beach!)
7.30pm Dinner

*this schedule is subject to change