I’m afraid this one’s not for beginners or early stage learners as all the breaks are reef breaks. But don’t be too daunted, this isn’t the full-on kamikaze reef breaks of the Mentawai, there are some great , fast, hollow waves but there are options for those looking for something a little easier going. We’ll guide you to what’s right for you, we’ll hold your hands (metaphorically speaking, physically too though if you want) and we won’t push anybody out of their comfort zone but we do recommend that you’ve surfed over reef before and understand currents, wind conditions and surf etiquette.

Just know that you don’t have to be a hard-core macho-dude surfer to come on this trip. We’re not, that’s for sure ?

We will also arrange a road-trip further to the south to find different un-surfed points and exploring a little more of Sumatra, one of the last places in the world with such abundant wildlife.

Please Note: We are not going to offer any lessons, to hire surf equipment, or provide surf instruction. So please be aware that these waves are for mid-level and above surfers who are happy surfing over reef.

Guest Reviews

First of all, many, many thanks to both you and Franco: I had a wonderful time and you two were wonderful hosts! I do think a very important element in this Pop-Up’s success was independent of anything you and Franco can control: the great people that signed up to come along…I loved Aceh (the ocean […]

Tyler Freisen