SoulFood – Arroz Doce
22nd February 2017

We are currently lucky enough to have Grant Lloyd staying with us in Kerala as our Guest Chef. Having trained and worked closely with Jamie Oliver he has a wealth of knowledge and skill and has been getting in the kitchen every day coming up with new, delicious dishes for us. Inspired by our forthcoming Portugal pop up Grant came up with this Portugese sweet rice dessert known as Arroz Doce but has added a Keralan twist. It’s an easy tasty treat with ingredients straight out of the store cupboard!


Arroz Doce – Serves 3 – 4 people


•150g Pudding Rice
•750ml Milk
•125ml Cream
•125ml Coconut Milk
•1 Vanilla Pod
•2 Cardamon Pods
•Small Stick Of Cinnamon
•Zest Of 1 Lemon
•3Tablespoons of Sugar


1. Place the rice, liquids, sugar, cinnamon stick, lemon zest and cardamon pods in a pot. Score the vanilla pod lengthways, scrape the seeds out, adding both to the pot.

2. Stir well and gently bring to the boil, then simmer on a low heat for 25-35 minutes until the rice is cooked and creamy in texture.

3. Serve with a sprinkling of Cinnamon.

Easy as that! We can’t wait to serve this up in Portugal this May 🙂




Soul & Surf India – Guest video
6th February 2017

One of the shorts from videographer and brilliant guest Sean showing our local community in Varkala. We are lucky enough to call this place home and to have made so many amazing friends here, we’d love to share it with you!

Soul People – Jack Wells
2nd February 2017



What is your name:

Jack Wells


Where is home?

Currently home is South London


What do you do for a living:

Half of my time is spent working as a cinematographer for music videos and commercials. Then the other half of my time is spent painting pictures, a lot majority of my work is typography based.


What inspires you about your work?

My inspirations are pretty varied, I’m obsessed with hand painted type. This initially came from Graffiti but I now have a growing collection of traditional sign writing books. My current favourite is one I just picked up on English canal & long boat lettering, so cool!


How did you first get into art and videography?

I’m not sure how I first got into art, as I guess I have always pottered about and made stuff. The videography side of things definitely came about by me wanting to explore my drawing and art based projects more. For example I would plan really time consuming timelapses or try and make a font from long exposure photos of ignited spray cans, that then naturally developed into working commercially in that field.


How did you become connected to Soul & Surf?

My first brush with S&S was in India, Kerela. I was there making a film for Ed & Sofie with Joe who now works with them in Sri Lanka. Since then I have been fortunate enough to collaborate again on a project, this time in the beautiful Sri Lanka.


Can tell us a little bit about the process of doing your art in Sri Lanka.

The process was a really collaborative one. After sitting down with Sofie & Ed I was very excited to hear that one of their inspirations for the artwork was from a beautiful hand painted Sri Lankan truck that they had seen. It was pastel pink with these amazing large bold graphical lines that cut right through. After we had decided on designs for artwork it was time to actually make them… I was painting on large wooden boards so the first job was to brief the carpenter. If you needed some thing doing it was far more productive to jump on a bike or in a tuc tuc and just go do it in person face to face. No email back and forth, perfect.


Did you find any inspiration for your art while you were in Sri Lanka?

Very much so, I love the hand painted trucks and buses that you see daily. I would often try and get pictures as they rush past you whilst you’re on the way to the surf.



What were some of your favourite moments during your time in Sri Lanka?

Starting the day with an early morning surf is certainly up there for sure. But from a personal work point of view getting the chance to really develop the artwork further was great. A favourite example of this is the two large abstract symbols that were created for the yoga shala in the new villa. They are developments from my literal typography work that I then created abstract symmetrical symbols from, I’m very excited to explore this idea more.


What does soul mean to you?

Aretha Franklin & Barry White


What sort of projects are you working on next?

I’m always painting individual letters both on glass and now wood but my next project is going to gold leaf onto glass different historic and contemporary camouflage patterns, using a variety of gold leaf. I had the idea to do it for a while but after seeing all the hand painted camouflage bus stops in Sri Lanka it made me kick start the project as soon as i got home.


When will you be coming back to Soul & Surf in Sri Lanka?





Soul People – Freddie
19th January 2017

Next in our Soul People series is Freddie who has been with us for the last few months working in our reception. Her happy smiley face is the first to welcome guests to Soul & Surf and her yoga lessons get you bending and stretching in all the right ways! We caught up with her for a little chat:

freddie cropped

What’s your name? Frederica Fernandes Valente Perfeito (Freddie)

What do you do? I’m receptionists and replacement yoga teacher.

Where’s Home? Home is where I feel good. I can’t say it’s where I grew up because I haven’t lived there for 12 years, nor Lisbon where I spent 13 years always moving from house to house. I adapt very easily, so every place I live, I feel I’m home.

Age: 32

How did you come to be at Soul & Surf? I heard about S&S when I was working in Sri Lanka for Lapoint. While I was in Costa Rica working for Lapoint, I decided to search more about S&S because I knew they had a hotel in India, place that I wanted to go back to. So I asked a friend of mine, Linnea, for their email adress and think she gave me Ed’s email and I applied for yoga teacher job. I got a reply from Joe and then things happened.


What does Soul mean to you? Soul is what we are, what we are made of, truly inner self, that we are not completely aware of and that we can spend a lifetime searching for.

What inspires you about your work? I love yoga, I love surf, I love India and Sri Lanka, good food, good music, getting to know amazing people, being in chilled and beautiful place. That’s what I love about working for S&S.

What’s next for you? I still don’t know but for sure, more yoga, more beach, more Soul & Surf!



Soul People – Jamie Johnstone
12th January 2017

We love hearing our guests stories about what they’re doing in life and consider ourselves super lucky that we get to meet so many amazing people from all over the world! Jamie Johnstone, owner of Dick Pearce & Friends bellyboards and his family stayed with us in Kerala over Christmas and New Year so we took the opportunity to sit down with him and find out about the revival of this legendary brand.



Name: Jamie

Age: 29

Where’s home? Newquay, Cornwall

What brought you to S&S India?

We came for a big family Christmas all together. We like surfing and we like belly boarding and some of us like yoga. We go away most years for Christmas, always somewhere new. We’ve been to Sri Lanka and Indonesia but we’d never been to India and as all of us love curry this seemed like the perfect fit.



What do you do when you’re not surfing and stretching?

I own a company called Dick Pearce and Friends who make bellyboards and I work for Wavehunters who are the biggest surf school in the UK. We do sea safari ribs to see dolphins, run surf schools etc. and that’s all year round. My real passion though is bellyboarding and surfing. Dick Pearce & Friends has been making bellyboards since the 50’s. When he died in 2010 my friend Andy and I took over the company and are now helping people to fall in love with the sport again. The production techniques are the same but we’ve revamped the branding and the finishing. It’s going really well and is all really exciting!

Bellyboarding is still so underground so we want to bring it into the mainstream, get people off the rubbish polystyrene boards and using proper sports equipment that’s good for the environment. When we were kids we started on bellyboards, it was how we learnt to read the waves. It takes skill but it’s still so much fun and we just really want people to fall in love with it as much as we have because it’s a way of being in the water that’s accessible to everyone. It’ll be the World Bellyboard Championships down in Cornwall this summer so we’re hoping to be involved with that.


What does Soul mean to you?

Soul means having fun with those that you love who love you back.

Jamie was kind enough to donate not one but three Dick Pearce & Friends bellyboards to us when he left India which are available for all of our guests to use. For more information see

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Money doesn’t buy stays like this.

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